The Salem Cross Inn is a restored 18th century farmhouse nestled on 600 acres of New England countryside. Though it is rich with history, the house, turned restaurant and tavern, offers seasonal menus with traditional American fare alongside what today's dining public is looking for. The Salem family is proud to say that everything is prepared fresh each day while incorporating heirloom vegetables and herbs grown in our own gardens.

Explore The Salem Cross Inn

Furnished throughout with American antiques, the Inn displays the nation’s only known operating Roasting Jack, a c. 1700 device the innkeepers use to cook beef, game and fowl at the huge hearths. Click here to learn more about the incredible history of inn.
Enjoy a dinner at the Salem Cross Inn. Using the freshest ingredients around, we make sure to provide you with classic dishes served at their best. Click to view our dinner menu!
The Salem Cross Inn is named for the witch-mark found on the front door-latch of the Inn. Click to learn more about the history of the inn.
Since the Inn has been restored by the Salem family, led by Richard Salem, the pun on the name decided the title of the Inn. Click to learn more about us and the history of the inn.
Enjoy drinks with friends in our Hexmark Tavern. Everything that we serve is prepared here, in our own kitchen, and is made with the freshest local ingredients available to us. Click to view our Tavern's menu.
We hand rub prime ribs of beef with an age old recipe of spices and slowly roast it for hours over a huge fireplace pit.  Watch us make fritters and chowder of the sea in cast iron cauldrons over open fires. Click to learn more about our Historic Drover's Roast
Motor Coach Tours at Salem Cross Inn highlights local areas that captivate New England
Weddings at the Salem Cross Inn are a sight to behold!  Click here to learn more about your magical dream wedding.
Enjoy our Fireplace Feast! Relax by the fire or lend a hand as dinner is prepared for you in colonial style.  Stir the chowder as it bubbles in our cast iron cauldron.  See your prime rib, roasted “to a turn” as the only known authentic Roasting Jack still operating in America rotates slowly over a crackling fire of wild cherry logs.